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Virgil J. McVicker

This Website was formed to promote the interests of all MacVicars (MacVicar, Macquaker, M'Vicar, M'Yvicare, Makvicar, M'Weckare, M'Wicare, McViccar, Vicarii, McWiccar, Makuecar, Makfikar, Makwicr, McVicker, McVicar, Vicar, M'Ayn Rawych, V'Gewycar and other fine families) who are descended from our progenitor, Mac a' Bhiocair. It is our intent to provide you with a history of our family, its origin, its struggles, and a site that offers you an opportunity to participate with suggestions, additions, and support.

Virgil J. McVicker

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September 5-6, 2015
Alameda County Fairgrounds
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